Almost eight years later and several name changes, the blog is still here with its own domain but the reason for its existence have shifted yet once again.  I'm your ambitious but average girl next door fortunate to do many great things within my community. Three educational degrees later, I found my life's calling which is working with children and families.  I'm married to my career, but I'm a lover of life.

I used to be a lifestyle blogger who ventured on YouTube for a little while as a hobby.  In 2016, I transitioned both my Instagram and Blog, "Happy Hour 24/7", that focuses on beauty, skincare, lifestyle and positive living.  Happy Hour 24/7 is not about cocktails and shots.  Instead, it is about finding many ways to bring happiness into our lives 24/7, whatever form they maybe.  For me, one of them is beauty + skincare.  Do what makes you happy, 24/7.

I am an L.A. girl who loves sports, travel, electronic gadgets, living a healthy lifestyle and anything makeup/beauty and skincare related products - hence the existence of this blog.  I enjoy using high-end, luxury and affordable beauty and skincare products and being able to share my thoughts and opinions about them.  I used to have extremely sensitive skin and could not use many popular drugstore and high-end brands and relied a lot on reviews on blogs and YouTube back in the day.  Now that my skin has been more tolerable to a variety of product ingredients, it makes me happy to be able to do reviews and help out those who may need more information about a specific product.

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Thank you for stopping by and I hope you find the information on here helpful.  Below are a few notes as reference points when you are reading my reviews:

Skin 411

Color: Medium Tan Skin Tone
Skin Type: Normal
Complexion: Even tone with yellow/golden undertones
Skin Condition: Sensitive but not prone to acne or breakouts


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